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Death on Scenic Drive gets Poster, stills, and trailer!

Director Gabriel Carrer's DEATH ON SCENIC DRIVE will be released this November across multiple digital platforms, including iTunes, Amazon Instant/Prime, Vudu, Google Play/YouTube and XBox Live. In an effort to get you guys excited about the film's release, today we have the film's trailer, along with the official poster, and several stills. All of which you can...
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Adam Reider goes all-in with horror film Woodland Grey!

For those who might not know, Adam Reider an award-winning short filmmaker looking to finance his first feature called WOODLAND GREY , which has just attracted genre-legend Bill Moseley for a starring role! Moseley would play William Spencer, a man who lives in complete solitude in a remote part of the woods until Emily (with YouTube star Nicole Arbour interested in...
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David F. Sandberg gives us a fascinating look at the making of Lights Out

Where are my filmmaking brothers and sisters? You guys here? Good. You'll dig this for sure. Hell, even if you're just looking to make your move into directing horror flicks, check out this new video from LIGHTS OUT director David F. Sandberg on the making of, you guessed it, LIGHTS OUT . You may or may not this, and more than likely do not give a single sh*t, but I have...
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Teaser trailer for Machinima series Enormous stomps in

Machinima's adaptation of Image Comics' ENORMOUS is set to air on Youtube later this month, and the first teaser has finally stormed online. Better late than never! Written by BenDavid Grabinski and TROLL HUNTER director Andre Overdal, the series stars Ceren Lee, Erica Gimpel, Steve Brand, Garret Coffey, Billy Miller and Charles Melton, ENORMOUS goes like this: n the midst...
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Scream Factory launches its very own YouTube channel!

By now you've got to expect something awesome every time we bring up Scream Factory here on AITH because these guys truly know how to get us excited for what's on the horizon in the horror genre as they continue to distribute amazing titles. Now, it looks like we've got an all new reason to be excited about Scream Factory as they have just recently launched their very own...
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