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Zachary Knighton will have a major role on Santa Clarita Diet

Of the 45 acting credits he has to his name, Zachary Knighton has apparently become best known for starring in 57 episodes of the television series Happy Endings, but to me he will always be the guy who was no C. Thomas Howell in 2007's disappointing THE HITCHER remake . Knighton will be getting a chance to redeem himself in my eyes in the upcoming second season of the Netflix...
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Apocalyptic comedy Hot is streaming now

In THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, the apocalypse might be cold, but today it's HOT . The end-of-the-world satire HOT is streaming exclusively on VHX starting today. The indie flick has been microbudget since the beginning, and its debut is another benefit of the alternative distibution system provided by the Internet. Says producer Dallas Sonnier: Every filmmaker hopes to...
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Updated with full synopsis! An apocalyptic virus hits Los Angeles in Hot

This past summer saw L.A. get hit with apocalyptic hilarity in THIS IS THE END, but now it's time to get serious again. The apocalypse is no laughing matter, folks. Production is about to begin on HOT , starring Zachary Knighton (pictured right), Steven Strait, Noah Segan, Kate Siegel and Jessica Dykstra (pictured below; absolutely has to be seen to be believed). Here is the...
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