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TEST#78: The Quentin Tarantino Quiz #2

How do you play the game?

1) Answer all of the questions below.
2) Click SUBMIT and be taken to a page with all of the correct answers.

1) QT was born in…

Knoxville, Tennessee
Detroit, Michigan
Hollywood, California
in 1953
Reservoir, Mexico

2) QT once worked …

in my dad’s ice cream parlor
as an assistant director on Field Of Dreams
12 days straight without sleep on Pulp Fiction
at the concession stand in a movie theater
none of the above

3) Which film hasn’t QT acted in?

Somebody To Love
The Waterboy
Destiny Turns On The Radio
Girl 6

4) Uma’s yellow and black jumpsuit in Kill Bill was inspired by which Asian actor’s garb?

Jason Lee
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Lee Grant
Bruce Lee
Sonny Chiba

5) Who produces most of QT’s films?

Berge Garabedian
Joel Silver
Tim Roth
Lawrence Bender
Producer/Recovering Drug addict Gary Busey

6) Which of these actors is a regular in QT’s films?

Dennis Hopper
John Travolta
Matt Damon & Ben Affleck
Michael Madsen
Frank Stallone

7) Q’s middle name is…


8) Which actor was nominated for an Oscar for the film Jackie Brown?

Pam Grier
Robert DeNiro
Val Kilmer
Robert Forster
Trick Question: DeNiro and Grier were both nominated for the film

9) Q was once dating…

Tim Burton
Jennifer Esposito
famous movie star and acclaimed actress Brigitte Nielsen
model Heidi Klum
Mira Sorvino

10) Which of the following statements is true?

Kill Bill: Volume 3 will be released in 2004
Bruce Willis is the uncredited writer on Four Rooms
Q once directed an episode of ER
Q once directed an episode of Golden Girls
Q once directed a “chubby” porn movie called Reservoir Hogs



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