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TEST#82: The Ben Stiller Movies Trivia Quiz

How do you play the game?
1) Answer all of the questions below.
2) Click SUBMIT and be taken to a page with all of the correct answers.

1) Including the upcoming STARSKY & HUTCH, how many films have Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson appeared in together?


2) What is Ben Stiller’s family name in MEET THE PARENTS?


3) Which box-office flop did Ben Stiller direct?

Mystery Men
The Cable Guy
Howard the Duck
Trick Question: Ben Stiller has never directed a feature film.

4) Stiller is married to cutie…

Luke Wilson (fine looking actor)
Janeane Garofalo
Drew Barrymore
Christine Taylor
Another trick question: Stiller is single but was once married to Sharon Stone from 1990 –1992

5) In PERMANENT MIDNIGHT, Stiller portrayed Jerry Stahl, a writer who is based on the person who came up with which famous TV puppet?

Dan Rather
Kermit The Frog
The Fraggles from “Fraggle Rock”
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

6) In KEEPING THE FAITH, Stiller played…

a priest
a monk
a nun
a rabbi
a crack whore

7) Besides THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS, which is my favorite Ben Stiller comedy? (sorry, no clues)

Happy Gilmore
Meet The Parents
Flirting With Disaster
There’s Something About Mary

8) Stiller is famous for impersonating one of his favorite movie stars. That man is …

Jack Nicholson
Norm Macdonald
Steve Guttenwhateverhappenedtomeberg
Robin Williams
Tom Cruise

9) Finish this listing: Generation X, early 90’s, My Sharona...

If Lucy Fell
Dazed and Confused
Reality Bites
Gary Busey
The Hulk

10) In Stiller’s upcoming ALONG CAME POLLY, Ben plays a man afraid of what?

Motley Crue
Another Charlie's Angels sequel (aren’t we all?)




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