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James Bond
INSTRUCTIONS: How do you play the game?
1 - Answer all of the questions below.
2 - Click SUBMIT and be taken to a page with all of the correct answers.
1) The character James Bond was created by which of these authors?
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Ian Fleming
Michael Crichton
Dr. Seuss
Issac Asimov
2) What was the first Bond movie?
Live and Let Die
From Russia with Love
Dr. No
3) Which of these women was NOT a Bond girl?
Teri Hatcher
Kathy Ireland
Jane Seymour
Famke Janssen
Kim Basinger
4) What agency does James Bond work for?
5) Other than Casino Royale, which of these Bond films also had a casino called Casino Royale?
Dr. No
From Russia with Love
Tomorrow Never Dies
Never Say Never Again
6) What is the name of the guy who gives James Bond all of his gadgets?
Gadget Man
7) Which one of these actors NEVER played Bond on the big screen?
Peter Sellers
Christopher Guest
Roger Moore
Woody Allen
George Lazenby
8) Which of these actors was the oldest to debut as James Bond?
Sean Connery
Timothy Dalton
Roger Moore
Daniel Craig
Pierce Brosnan
9) Which two Bond films were released the same year?
Octopussy and Never Say Never Again
From Russia with Love and A View to Kill
Thunderball and Dr. No
Tomorrow Never Dies and Die Another Day
Goldfinger and Octopussy
10) What movie did Sean Connery win an Academy Award for?
Medicine Man
The Untouchables
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
From Russia with Love