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Vegas Movies
INSTRUCTIONS: How do you play the game?
1 - Answer all of the questions below.
2 - Click SUBMIT and be taken to a page with all of the correct answers.
1) In the film Viva Las Vegas, what was Elvis's occupation?
Race car driver
2) What TV show did Showgirls star Elizabeth Berkley get her start in?
Full House
Family Ties
Saved By the Bell
3) The Hangover director Todd Phillips directed which of these other comedies?
Knocked Up
Tropic Thunder
Dumb and Dumber
Old School
4) Which Ocean's movie doesn't take place in Las Vegas?
Ocean's 12
Ocean's 11 (1960)
Ocean's 13
Ocean's 11 (2001)
They all take place in Vegas
5) Nicholas Cage goes to Vegas to drink his life away in which of these films?
Con Air
The Rock
Leaving Las Vegas
Viva Las Vegas
6) Warren Beatty immortalized this famous mobster that is generally credited for starting the city of Las Vegas.
Johnny Torrio
Frank Sinatra
Al Capone
Bugsy Siegel
Tony Soprano
7) What unique types of Elvis impersonators does Nicholas Cage get wrapped up with in Honeymoon in Vegas?
Karate Elvis's
Skydiving Elvis's
Cowboy Evlis's
Transgender Elvis's
Baby Elvis's
8) What "bad" thing happens to start events going downhill in the film Very Bad Things?
The group gets arrested
An airplane crashes
Christian Slater gets cast in a lead role
A bank gets robbed
A hooker dies
9) In this film, William H. Macy plays a guy who inspires bad luck at a casino.
The Cooler
Ocean's 11
Leaving Las Vegas
Boogie Nights
10) Which of these stars of Swingers wrote the script?
Vince Vaughn
Ron Livingston
Heather Graham
Jon Favreau
None of the above