Alan Tudyk to tame wild Decepticons in Transformers 3

Aw damn it. Why'd they have to go and cast an actor I like in this movie? Alan Tudyk, best known for his role as Wash in the immortal series Firefly, has been cast in TRANSFORMERS 3 in an unspecified role. This effectively negates the casting of Patrick Dempsey, and gives the film some much needed talent behind it, though I don't know if it'll do it any good.

No, we have no idea what he’ll actually be doing, nor how extensive his role will be, but more Tudyk is never a bad thing, as proven by his roles as Alpha in Dollhouse and an alien spy in V. Alpha was a brilliant and complex character on that show (which is vastly underrated) and I was pumped he was in V, except that he was dead by the end of the pilot.

Reportedly TRANSFORMERS 3 starts shooting at the Kennedy Space Center in September, and details are crawling out verrry slowly. The only things we know so far is the currently expanding cast list, the fact that the racist robot twins have been cut and that Shia LaBeouf promises it won’t suck like the last one. Uh huh.

Extra Tidbit: Seriously, watch Dollhouse. After the first six episodes it's pretty damn excellent.
Source: The Wrap



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