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Lindsay Lohan gets dirty as Linda Lovelace in new posters


And by dirty in my title, I don't mean like sexy hot, I mean she literally just looks kind of dirty. These “vintage”-ish posters come from, and are the first shots of Lohan as '70s porn icon Linda Lovelace in INFERNO.

If you follow Lindsay’s acting career, she’s now gone from high school student to stripper to porn star. I can’t even imagine what’s next. "MULE: The story of one woman and her love for a donkey.“

If you were hoping for some sexy Lohan shots, you’re not in luck here, because as it turns out, life as a porn star isn’t as glamourous as Vivd makes it out to be, and underwear in the ‘70s was really, really boring.

Check out the posters below, and speculate on if Lindsay Lohan can actually get through an entire movie playing a porn star with no nudity.

Extra Tidbit: It's OK, we have Emma Stone now instead.
Source: TylerShields



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