10 of Mandy Lane

The first ten minutes of the long-coming ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE are available for your viewing now, over at Yahoo UK. This thing had been delayed by concerns, first over the amount of gore in the film, and then over the stinging loss GRINDHOUSE ate. The Weinstein Company sold the film to Senator Entertainment, and now it's getting its release in March. The film is an old-school slasher, about a good girl (Amber Heard) who suddenly got hot over the Summer, and as such everyone suddenly wants to throw a load into her. Aaaaand cue the douche bag jocks. She gets invited to a party, and then people start dying. Something like this actually happened to me once, when I was in high-school. No one died, but this one chick who had a goofy smile came back from Summer break with suddenly huge cans that totally stole the attention away from her smile. Needless to say we were all pretty excited. Director Jonathan Levine has been scoring some buzz lately, over his film THE WACKNESS, which is proving one of the Sundance darlings.

I never really realized how much the music of a film affects how much I like it, until I saw THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES and Nick Cave/Warren Ellis' score just absolutely owned me. Similarly, this movie had me from the opening credits, with it's Bedroom Walls (who I love) soundtrack. Amber Heard being drop dead fucking gorgeous helps too. Go check it out.
Extra Tidbit: Another film's soundtrack that owned me: THE FOUNTAIN.
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