10 unmade masterpieces

Remember the magazine Cracked? It was the one you always used to think was Mad Magazine, but wasn't. Although it's not on newsstands anymore (at least I think it isn't) they still have a website. And amidst my endless surfing of the world wide web (It's been about ten consecutive hours now) I came across a great list on Cracked.com of ten potentially great movies that never got made and probably never will. The one on the list that jumps out at me most is UNBREAKABLE 2, a) because UNBREAKABLE 1 is one of my favourite movies, and b) because their reasoning why the first UNBREAKABLE failed was because it was all origin story, and right when you want a big showdown between the hero and villian, the movie ends.

They say that origin stories are the dullest parts of superhero films. Not if they're done well. The story of how an ordinary person acquires, develops or discovers superhuman powers should never be boring, if treated with the care that such a mythical arc deserves. Which is why UNBREAKABLE is so great. Rats. This was supposed to be a story about a cool list, and I turned it into a nonsenical rant about origin stories and why UNBREAKABLE is great. That's what happens when you trash one of my favourite movies. Either way, it's a cool, in-depth and funny list which can be viewed right HERE.

Source: Cracked.com



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