100 Feet clip!

What would Halloween be without a treat from your favorite horror-lovin' fiend Arrow in the Head? It would be just another day in October, that's what! Luckily the man named Arrow has come through this year and is offering up an exclusive clip from the upcoming Famke Janssen thriller 100 FEET on his site. The clip comes straight from writer/director Eric Red (THE HITCHER) who is kind enough to give us a little intro on what you're about to see. For those who aren't aware, 100 FEET follows a woman who's sentenced to house arrest for killing her abusive husband. Only problem is that said husband is kinda undead and isn't too happy with the fact that she tried to kill him. Commence havoc! It's a pretty brutal clip but from what I've heard it gets much, MUCH worse in the film. I've heard people compare the full extent of this scene to the jaw-rip scene in MIRRORS. Yeouch. Click here to head to AITH to watch it in all its glory. And Happy Halloween friends!

Extra Tidbit: Jon Favreau had a major crush on Famke Janssen while they were making MADE.
Source: AITH



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