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C'mon Hollywood #74


...enough Tom Cruise bashing!
by Sturdy

It’s been about seven months since Tom Cruise went bizzarro-Tom on us and for the past three months or so, he’s remained relatively quiet (except for a kick ass MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3 trailer). He even took JoBlo’s advice and hired a new publicist. So have we reached the point where we can back off the guy and give him the benefit of the doubt? I mean, are Jay Leno’s constant Tom Cruise jokes still funny?

How can one of the most beloved actors of our generation be persecuted for three months worth of bad judgment? We forgave Hugh Grant for getting a hummer from a hooker quicker than we’ve forgiven Tom. And we forgave Meg Ryan and Brad Pitt for cheating on their spouses. Why can’t we get past Tom’s bad summer?

Admit it...he's cool.

So the guy had a moment of stupidity and spouted off some stuff that pissed off a lot of people. Don’t tell me you’ve never said anything to make people mad. The problem, of course, is that Mr. Cruise is a world famous celebrity and he just didn’t know when to stop.

So JoBlo already put Tom in his place (which Tom deserved) on the whole psychiatry thing and luckily, Tom has now been mum on the subject. My take on that whole situation is that Tom A) had no place to voice his opinion and B) Doesn’t really have the avenue to explain his viewpoints. You’re not going to be able to explain a controversial view in a short Matt Lauer interview. I’m not defending what he said, but I think that if I sat down with him for a few hours and discussed psychiatry, I would walk away with a better understanding of his beliefs and he with mine.

If only you had played your cards right, Dawson...

And then there’s the whole Tomkat debacle. Yeah, he’s crazy. He’s 43 years old and he’s sleeping with one of the most beautiful women in the world who happens to only be 26. If I were sleeping with Katie Holmes, I too would dance on the couches of every talk show host I could find. Also, who cares that he bought a sonogram machine? It was 20k, which was about an hours work on his last film.

OK, this was a little weird.

And don’t say you don’t like the guy’s movies. Of the roughly 25 movies he’s been in, he pulls in an average of $101.5 million per picture. That puts him number 2 all time behind Harrison Ford for actors with more than 20 films to their resume. And Tom doesn’t have the Star Wars movies to boost his numbers. That means that the guy consistently chooses interesting and compelling characters to portray on screen and we love him for it. He never plays the mindless Auhnuld character that goes around blowing shit up. He’s a great actor that chooses diverse roles intermixed with complex heroes.

I recently watched the Ben Stiller parody on the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 2 DVD and I realized that that Tom Cruise is the one that America fell in love with. He was funny, charming and an overall cool guy. Then I watched the Oprah clip and the two guys just didn’t seem the like the same person. Finally, I watched the clip of him getting sprayed with water and we get old Tom back.

My theory on this is that the water-in-the-face Tom is the real Tom Cruise. He was the calm, cool and collected celebrity that people respect. I think Tom was going through some personal shit this past summer and unfortunately, he involved all of us in it. I guess that’s the downside of being filthy rich, world renowned, and able to sleep with any woman you want.

And why does everyone want him to be gay? I don’t get it. First of all, aren’t we at the point in society where sexual preference doesn’t matter? Second, the guy says he’s not and has been linked in the past five years to Nichole Kidman, Penelope Cruz and Katie Holmes. All of which are amazingly beautiful women. Why is his sexuality so much more in question than any other actor’s? The guy’s straight, get over it. 

So back off of the guy and let him get back to kicking our asses with great films. M:I3 looks like another great flick and if his past 25 roles are anything to go by, his next 25 films should be a blast too.

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