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The Wedding Singer (SE) - April 25

From out of nowhere and for the two or three of you who care, comes the "Totally Awesome Edition" because sometimes, you're a glutton for punishment. And double-dipping. Sometimes. For a "Totally Awesome Edition", couldn't they find better extras? Because nothing screams out "buy me" like a behind the scenes look at a new musical two or three people may want to see, that'll wind up on E! or VH1 anyway.


  • 80s Mix Tape (“Jump To A Song” navigation feature)
  • Behind-the-scenes look at the new Broadway musical
  • Theatrical trailer
  • 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen

Mission Impossible (SE) - April 11

Must......refrain......from obvious......Cruise jokes. Come on, Tom Cruise jokes are so 2005. I look forward to 2006 and MI3 where Cruise will, this time, jump an ottoman, a chihuahua and James Van Der Beek in a single bound. I can't wait. Really I can't. Check back here for the special edition specs that have yet to be released.

Con Air (SE)/Enemy of the State (SE) - May 16

All ya'll Jerry Bruckheimer fans will be stoked for the Unrated Extended Editions for these two flicks. One has Dave Chappelle and Bubba from Forrest Gump and the other has Jason Lee and Jack Black. How cool is that. Even though they're in it for probably two seconds. No other details have been released as far as special features go, but you can also grab another Bruckheimer classic, Crimson Tide: Unrated Extended Edition the same day.

John Malkovich was never invited to another kid's party again.

Mercernary For Justice - April 25

Hey now! We all love The Seagal here at JoBlo.com (okay, just me) so let's give the man some props for keeping the straight to DVD market alive and kicking. Or at least palpitating. My brother has a theory that The Seagal's career went downhill with the movie Under Siege because up until that point, all his movies had three words, forgetting that they all sucked majorily. Oh well. I love the discipline of martial arts The Seagal uses: Stand still and have someone run at you, at which point you stick your arm out and they flip around on it and fall to the floor. I think it's called Do Eeet Ur Self Defense. That always works by the way.


The Pink Panther Collection: They should've left this alone, that remake, reimagining or whatever, looks God-awful. 1/31

Doom: Just a note: Don't ever stop The Rock (or Dwayne Johnson) on the street and ask him what he's smelling, cuz he will tear off your arms, beat you and then eat your arms. 2/7

Bambi 2: Please keep in mind that Bambi 2 will ONLY be available for 70 days. No, I am not making that up. All you soccer moms, get on the ball. (no pun intended) 2/7

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Sliver (SE)/Basic Instinct (SE), Derailed, The Ten Commandments (SE), The David Spade Collection....


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