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In Theaters Friday is a weekly column that provides you with early word on the latest trailers playing in front of the newest movies.

Hope you are all surviving the post inevitable Super Bowl hangover. Unfortunately, the movie spots weren't incredibly strong this year and none really left me buzzing. On the flipside, two big name movies see trailer premieres this week. Let me stop blathering and we'll jump into the weekend.

The widest release this week is the final comedy made by an independent MGM, THE PINK PANTHER. While the film is not exactly a remake, it's not a sequel either. Steve Martin is the new Inspector Clouseau in the series, sniffing at the trailer of the great Peter Sellers. Martin has help from Kevin Kline, Jean Reno, Beyonce Knowles, and, import hottie, Emily Mortimer (just investigate her "talents" in YOUNG ADAM). Trailers looking for placement include NACHO LIBRE, THE BENCHWARMERS, HOOT, RV, and OVER THE HEDGE.

In the second slot is Harrison Ford's return to thrilling audiences, FIREWALL. Costarring Paul Bettany and Virginia Madsen, this high tech kidnap flick looks to remind closeted Ford fans that their man is still ready to play Dr. Jones. Spielberg & Lucas, get it done. Trailers looking for placement include THE DA VINCI CODE, FAILURE TO LAUNCH, and INSIDE MAN.

Third up is the latest installment in the horror franchise, FINAL DESTINATION. While the cast is a collection of relative unknowns, at least the MPAA rating promises "some nudity". Trailers hoping to ride this coaster include TALLADEGA NIGHTS: THE BALLAD OF RICKY BOBBY, ALPHA DOG, TAKE THE LEAD, and RUNNING SCARED.

Finally, from Universal Pictures, comes the animated adaptation of CURIOUS GEORGE. Featuring the voice talent of Will Ferrell and Drew Barrymore, this classically animated release is targeting families and older fans of the class children's story. Also, fans of Jack Johnson should be pretty stoked to hear the man strum his guitar with some of his closest musical friends. Trailers looking for placement include HOOT, OPEN SEASON, and OVER THE HEDGE.

In future trailer news, tentatively look for the first teaser from SPIDER-MAN 3 attached to TALLADEGA NIGHTS. Maybe then the debate over who is Spidey's new arch-nemesis will finally be put to sleep. My money is on the Wiper from classic G. I. Joe cartoons.

That's it for now, enjoy a great weekend!


Disclaimer: Not every theater plays exactly the same trailers in front of each movie. Your best bet is to call ahead and ask a manager for as much information as possible. We try our hardest to get you the best information, but nothing is guaranteed.

Check back this very column as we update with any late breaking trailer news and links as to when these clips will show up online. Don't hesitate to e-mail me any trailers that you can confirm or deny seeing: [email protected].

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