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Woody's Scoop poster


Update: Guess I Should have actually LOOKED at the poster before saying that gibberish about Geoffrey Rush. Yeah, it's Woody Allen. I'm an idiot.

We've already seen Woody Allen express some interesting fantasies with Scarlett Johansson's look in the upcoming SCOOP but what seems like a quad poster for the flick that the folks over at Black Film recently posted gives us our first look at Hugh Jackman, Ian McShane and another guy who looks remarkably like Geoffrey Rush (which it may not be considering he's not credited as being in the film). In it, Johansson stars as a journalism student who, while visiting London, gets caught up in a murder mystery and begins a sexy affair with a wily Englishman (Jackman). There's no release date set for SCOOP as yet (other than October 27th in Italy) but it should be picked up for North American distribution soon enough.Click through for some high res goodness.

Scoop banner

Source: Black Film



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