105 Degrees in Saigon

World War II flicks are certainly still a popular theme for filmmakers, and elements of the current Iraq "situation" are slowly getting turned into mostly unwelcome features, but we haven't seen a lot of Vietnam for a while. Director Jon Amiel plans to change that with 105 DEGREES AND RISING.

The guy who sent Aaron Eckhart to the center of the planet in a giant metal penis will tell a tale set during the US evacuation in the fall of Saigon in 1975 (a historical moment captured in this famous photo). The story will follow several characters in the final days of the city's US control.

The title comes from a secret radio code that, when announced and followed by Bing Crosby's "White Christmas", meant for American citizens to get the hell out of town di di mau.
Extra Tidbit: Musician Paul Hardcastle sampled a Vietnam documentary and THE EXORCIST theme "Tubular Bells" for his 1985 hit "19" (the average age of soldiers during the conflict). "Saigon/Saigon/ S-s-s-s-s Saigon"
Source: Variety



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