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Crash (SE) - April 4

Some slightly revised artwork has been released for the Director's Cut (hmmm, wonder why), and when I say "slightly", I actually really do mean "slightly". The Director's Cut includes an additional twenty minutes that'll bum you out......for an additional twenty minutes. Don't worry, be happy! Specs below, just in case you were out killing the neighbor's dog and didn't check earlier articles. You humanitarian you!

Disc 1:

  • Director’s Cut Widescreen Feature
  • DVD Introduction by Director Paul Haggis
  • Feature Commentary with Paul Haggis, Don Cheadle and Bobby Moresco
  • Trailers

Disc 2:

  • Deleted Scenes (optional with Director’s Commentary)
  • Behind the Metal and Glass Making of CRASH
  • On Paul Haggis Featurette
  • L.A. "The Other Main Character" Featurette
  • Unspoken Featurette
  • Bird York “In the Deep” Music Video
  • Music Montages
  • Script-to-Screen Comparisons
  • Storyboard-to-Screen Comparisons

Revised Artwork

Old Artwork

The Replacement Killers: Extended Cut - April 25

For those of you keeping score at home, this would be the third edition of the film being released. The first release can be found at your local drug store for about 2 bucks, and what's funny about the second (Special Edition) and third (the Extended Cut) is that two of the features on this here Extended Cut can be found on the Special Edition. Confused? Who cares, it's not worth figuring out. The only two extras included (and can be found on the prior Special Edition) are: Featurette: Chow Yun-Fat Goes Hollywood and, Featurette: Edited HBO Special - "Where the Action Is" . Oh, and there's an additional 11 minutes.

Entourage (S2) - June 6

We're fans of living vicariously through more famous people than us. Whether it's Omar Aviles through Benicio Del Toro for banging hot, young Hollywood gash, JoBlo through Johnny Depp for.....being Johnny Depp, myself through birthday clowns for scaring small children, or all of us through The Arrow for ripping people's arms off, fact is, we always want what we don't have. That's why Jim Law is at Hooters right now waiting for March Madness to kick off, so he can pick and roll past waitresses right to some buffalo wings, then when it's all over, cry himself to sleep with a bottle of Captain Morgan while mumbling "Yaar me mates, yarr...". The only feature for the second season of Entourage is something called, "The Mark Wahlberg Sessions" in which he interviews the cast and crew of the Emmy award winning show. Then he goes back to banging hot, young, Hollywood gash (Jessica Alba). We love/hate you Mark. Feel the vibration!

The Ringer - May 16

You can find the cover art below, with Johnny's legs spread wide open, who else has the urge to kick him square in the nuts? I know I do. We need a Jackass reunion ASAFP. Specs re-listed below, in case you were rubbing Ben Gay all over your mom's back and forgot to check earlier articles. You're such a good boy!


  • Director's Commentary
  • Hilarious deleted scenes
  • Fall-down funny Gag Reel
  • Special Olympics PSA
  • Trailers
  • 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
  • English in Dolby Digital 5.1

Menu Shots

New World

The Wedding Singer (SE)


Ice Age (SE): The rugrats will love you if you buy this for them! 3/14

Basic Instinct (SE): Grandpa will love you if you buy this for him! To hell with 'Nana! 3/14

Deuce Bigalow (SE): Rob Schneider will love you if you buy this....for anyone! 3/14

V.I.P. (S1): Pam Anderson's boobs and Johnny Moreno will love you if you buy this for them! Yee-Haw! 3/14

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