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F*ck you, Proulx


The woman who wrote the original short story on which BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN was based, Annie Proulx, recently wrote a 1094-word rant at the Academy folk, claiming them to be "out of touch" with the shifting larger culture (yeah, because "It's Hard Out There for a Pimp" is sooooooooooooo old school) and asked viewers to pay attention to the Independent Spirits Awards choices next year, versus the Academy Awards (uuuuuhm, because BROKEBACK won "Best Picture" at the Spirit Awards?). Wow, now I've seen my share of sour grapes over the years that I've been running this site, but this lady takes the proverbial f*ckin' cake! She even laces into Lionsgate for sending out screeners of "Trash" (as she so maturely calls CRASH), a few weeks before the ballot deadline -- mostly because, I suppose...Focus Features didn't think to do this first!!!

Now I'm gonna be the last person in the world to stand up for the Oscars, which in my opinion are based more in politics and money than actual POLITICS and MONEY, but suffice it to say, whatever they choose is THEIR CHOICE and at the end of the day, that's all that matters. The last time I checked, the public made their choice with their own dollars, as both films have made between $50-70M at the box-office, pretty damn good for "indie flicks", if you ask me.

If you could care less about the Academy's choices, how about you simply move on and watch whatever else you want, but to sit there afterwards and cry about your movie not getting picked by a group of 6000+ old time movie folk, is not only pathetic, but actually quite AGAINST the spirit of your own f*ckin' movie, no??? LIVE AND LET LIVE, honey-bunny...If you're gonna write about tolerance, how about you learn to live with that yourself a little bit? Funny how this Ms. Proulx wasn't against this very same Academy when her film was nominated for the most nominations of the year.

And as if this 70-year old Pulitzer prize winner didn't do enough for her reputation with this misguided rant, she solidified her so-called respect for the movie industry by taking a parting pot shot of Peter Jackson's KING KONG (of all films!!) by claiming that BROKEBACK was on "equal footing" as KONG since they both won 3 Oscars (she meant this in a denigrating way). Yeah lady...winning Oscars for Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Score is pretty much the same as winning 3 technical awards. Wow. Whatever you're smoking, Proulx...pass some of that shit my way!

Anyway, I'm personally just really sick of people knocking CRASH simply because this Academy of folks decided that BROKEBACK wasn't the better film of the past year. In the end, who gives a shit? And if you DO give a shit, how about RESPECTING other people's choices...you know, LIKE YOUR F*CKIN' MOVIE TELLS US TO!!! Thanks to 'Nick' for the head's up.

For more on this woman's rant, CLICK HERE.

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