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A ton of cool shit has been added to this week's DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES update including classic gay Cowboy flicks like BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN and BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID, and heterosexual Cowboy stuff like WALKER: TEXAS RANGER ("They tried to invent a Chuck Norris toilet paper once, but it didn't work out too well because Chuck Norris doesn't take shit from no one."). Very recent theatrical releases have also been given their day in DVD court including RUNNING SCARED and DOOGAL, both of which only came out in theaters a few weeks ago (and tanked).

The first 2 seasons of THE FACTS OF LIFE have also finally been given life (if I loved Joe, does that make me gay?), as have several unwanted straight-to-dvd sequels like LADY AND THE TRAMP 2: SCAMP'S ADVENTURE, HOLLOW MAN 2 (starring Christian Slater) and my personal favorite LIKE MIKE 2: STREETBALL! (sans Bow Wow). All in all, just another week at the DVD store. Oh, and for genre flick lovers, remember that we now have a HORROR DVD RELEASE DATES section as well. Word.

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