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Running Scared - June 6

It's a fitting title for a Paul Walker movie, since it's what people usually do whenever one of his movie's are released. But JoBlo dug it for its kick ass violence and a gratuitous shot of Paul Walker's heinie. Running scared, indeed.


  • Audio commentary by writer-director Wayne Kramer
  • Running Scared: Through the Looking Glass featurette
  • Storyboard comparisons
  • Theatrical trailer

Underworld Evolution (SE) - June 6

Even though this will be released as a "Special Edition", and does include more than an average amount of extras, this has the stink of "quintuple dip" written all over it, so be wary of picking this up.


  • Director and Filmmaker’s commentary
  • Making-of-featurette
  • Visual effects featurette
  • Creature featurette
  • Stunts featurette
  • Design featurette
  • Featurette on the music and sound design
  • Bonus music video

When a Stranger Calls - May 16

When a stranger calls, hang up the muthaf*ckin' phone, yo! You did that though, there'd be no movie. Which might be even better. The original is still a creepier movie but hey, what can you do. Included with this will be a director and cast commentary, a writers commentary, a selection of deleted scenes, and a featurette.

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. - July 18

Bruce Campbell fans rejoice! Plenty of my friends see this as the greatest show ever made and never to be seen. Well, the complete series will finally be making it's way to your home, only you'll have to wait until mid-July to get it. Looks like there'll also be plenty of cool ass features for you to salivate over as well. Groovy, indeed.


    Pilot episode commentary with Bruce Campbell and show creator Carlton Cuse
  • An interactive menu of signature references from the series narrated by Bruce Campbell
  • A Brisco County Writer's Room featurette,
  • A History of Brisco Country, Jr. documentary
  • A Reading From The Book of Bruce featurette
  • Tools of the Trade interactive gadgets gallery hosted by Bruce Campbell

A chin to die for...

Fast and the Furious: Franchise Collection - June 6

One of the trailers for V for Vendetta (great flick by the way) included the new installment in the Fast and the Furious series, this one called "Tokyo Drift". "Drifting", apparently, occurs when you're driving at a high rate of speed and take a sharp turn and the car slides sideways all the way down the designated street. And it's in Tokyo. Hence, "Tokyo Drift". And I bullshit you not, the main dude is a real cowboy (southern accent and hat and all) in Tokyo. And there's a black dude (maybe Lil' Bow Wow) who takes the cowboy under his wing and explains "drifting" like he couldn't even f*cking fathom what "drifting" was about (You mean you ain't never heard of "Drifting"?) No, you dickhead, look at my cowboy hat! Does it look like I know what "drifting" is? And why the hell am I in Tokyo? Anyway, what we have here is a "Tricked Out" for this new "Franchise Collection" which begs the question, how is it a franchise collection if the new "Tokyo Drift" isn't included? Which also begs the question, does anyone care? They really need to stop this madness.

"Thanks JoBlo.com for pimping my ride!!!"

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