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X2 posters online?


First let me just offer a great deal of thanks to all who remained patient as we at JoBlo.com moved to a bigger and better server. The move went off without any major hitches but while the move was taking place, updating the news wasn't an option. But we're back and bug free! Anyway...

Now I had heard all about the separate character posters for DAREDEVIL that would feature each of the four main characters. But I hadn't heard a thing about character posters for X2. Ain't It Cool News is running three posters however for the film that feature Wolverine, Rogue and Nightcrawler all posing before the familiar "X" background. Now are they official promotional one-sheets or as they're scooper referred to them, just "promo art." What strikes me as odd is that they are missing the familiar Fox logo and at least the X2 URL. I'm not saying these aren't some kind of official promotional material - they obviously are considering the kind of shot they have of Nightcrawler. But will we see these hanging in our local theaters along with other characters? I hate to say this, but I hope not. These just aren't that well designed. I particularly don't like the glowing edges around each of the characters. If you want to see how really cool character posters should be done, check out these MATRIX RELOADED posters here. I'll check into this and update with what I can find out.

Click to see the rest of the X2 posters

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