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Don't get me wrong here, other than my own site, the IMDB is probably the site I visit the most on the Web (other than my myriad of porn bookmarks, of course), but when a site as big and respected as they are f*cks up so badly...we just need to report it!! As most of you already know, over this past weekend, on April 1st specifically, JoBlo.com "reported" that Kate Beckinsale had been cast as Wonder Woman. Anyone with half a brain who read past the article's first 2-3 paragraphs would have noted that it was an April Fool's joke, particularly in the story's last paragraph in which...we basically tell you that it's an April Fool's joke! Cut to the IMDB's "news stories" today, and here's what they wrote up:

Kate Beckinsale has reportedly joined the race to play Wonder Woman in Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon's upcoming comic book movie. The British actress is in negotiations with Whedon, according to movie gossip website joblo.com. Insiders claim Whedon is "very happy" with Beckinsale and confirmed last week that production on his highly anticipated movie adaptation of the popular comic book series will begin filming in early September. Buffy stars Sarah Michelle Gellar and Charisma Carpenter, and teen queen Lindsay Lohan have been linked to the coveted role - which was played on TV by Lynda Carter. Former hot favorite Carpenter even remarked she was putting off having a second baby in the hope of landing the dream role. She recently told a reporter, "I'd like to (have another baby) eventually, but I want Wonder Woman right now. I'm not holding my breath, but I'm crossing my fingers and toes and praying."

There are many things wrong with their piece, but allow me to focus on the main three below.

1) JoBlo.com is not, has never been and will never be...a "gossip site". We've been a "movie news" site for about 8 years now and anyone who knows anything about movies on the Net should know that by now. 98% of our stories are based in fact, and we make sure to separate the "rumored" stories as such.

2) Even if these people read our article completely -- which they obviously didn't -- where in our piece do we say that Kate Beckinsale "has joined the race to play Wonder Woman"? The article is titled "Wonder Woman cast!" To me that says...well, she IS Wonder Woman....she isn't "being considered" at all. So on top of NOT recognizing the April Foolishness of the article, they even get the basic idea behind it wrong.

3) Finally, I just want to point out some of the stuff mentioned in our article that apparently wasn't read or reported on by the IMDB article. The part about Whedon hoping to "bang" Beckinsale. The part about Whedon admitting that many other actresses wanted to "blow him" for the part. The part about Whedon admitting that Jessica Simpson had the "tits for the part", but was as "dumb as they come". The part about Whedon asking Beckinsale to get a breast job for the part and Beckinsale's publicist...seeming okay with that! I could go on, folks.

Oh, and on a technical note, anybody on the Internet knows that it's only common courtesy to LINK to another site when you mention them in your write-up. In this case, JoBlo.com is NOT linked in the IMDB story, hence the readers aren't able to check our site immediately, in order to confirm (or in this case, deny) the story. BTW, I'm not really pissed at the IMDB about this, in fact, I dig the free publicity, but I do think it's pretty shoddy reporting. I also realize that they have a 3rd party generating their news for them...but still! It's on your site, you should double-check that shit! Oh, and in case people are STILL in the dark about this...


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