Star Wars DVD covers

I'm not entirely embarassed to say that I don't own any of the STAR WARS films on DVD. VHS? That's another story. I've got those. They're the real classics. So I'm also not embarassed to say that I will own the original trilogy on DVD when the limited edition "original" version is released later this year. I'm glad Lucas finally caved in and decided to release the "unaltered, original films" on DVD though given his penchant for double-dipping, not entirely surprised. Pre-orders for the DVDs, which will be sold separately, begin this week. They will be officially released on September 12th and will be available for a "limited time." The DVDs will include Lucas' recent "enhancements" to the movie that were previously available on DVD as well as the original theatrical version that, to date, hasn't been available on the format. Lucasfilm released the cover art for the three DVDs today with the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK version to your right. They're similar in style to the previous versions but also quite different. Expect an even different version for the "Limited LIMITED Edition DVD Box Set" that you just know is coming some time in the future. To see the rest of the art, click here to head to StarWars.com to read the full release.

Source: Lucasfilm



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