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UPDATE! - Fox and Apple have just posted the X2 trailer in sweet, sweet Quicktime! Clicking the picture below will now take you to the new hi-res trailer instead of the streaming content previously linked.

OK, we've got a lot of trailer related news to bring you today. This shouldn't be surprising considering everyone and their uncle is scrambling to get their trailers attached to THE TWO TOWERS this weekend. First up is the first official full trailer for X2. It's similar to the San Diego ComiCon footage but the action sequences in between the Xavier/Magneto scenes are different. Now we get footage of Nightcralwer, Mystique, Pyro, Rogue, etc. Unfortunately Fox erred greatly in this trailer debut and went with small, grainy Real/Windows Media format instead of the crystal clear quality of Quicktime. Strange choice. Click the image below to download the brand new X2 trailer (which should run before most prints of TWO TOWERS this weekend) now available in Quicktime.

Click to watch the new X2 trailer

Also premiering online today, and thankfully presented in Quicktime, is the hilarious new trailer for OLD SCHOOL. I was hoping this film wouldn't be a bust and from the looks of the trailer, it could be one of the funniest movies of 2003. Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn star and it's scheduled to open February 28. Check out Apple's page to download the OLD SCHOOL trailer.

Now here's some news on other trailers that aren't available online yet but should be by next week. The trailer for TERMINATOR 3 will be attached to prints of TWO TOWERS on Wednesday and will premiere on Access Hollywood on Tuesday. Expect it to be posted online sometime shortly after. A teaser trailer for DUMB AND DUMBERER will also be attached to LOTR but it won't feature any footage from the film (or mention that Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels won't be back). Also rumored is a teaser trailer for PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN that Disney is shipping this week. This hasn't been confirmed yet but it would be a pretty cool surprise. Hopefully, since filming is underway, they'll have some footage from the film. Finally, here's a trailer you WON'T see this week. The teaser trailer debut for LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN has been pushed back according to sources at FilmForce. No reasons were given and a new date has yet to be scheduled.

Looks like a great time to start getting excited about all these summer movies! Now if only we could convince studios that Quicktime is the ONLY way to go...

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