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Comix-to-Flix #28


COMIX-TO-FLIX is a JoBlo.com column featuring reviews of comic book graphic novels that have been optioned to be made into motion pictures. Seeing as the universe of comic books and movies is becoming more and more connected, we figured that we may as well jump right into them as well, especially since we love both mediums to begin with. We hope that you enjoy this new addition to the site and be sure to email us with your thoughts.

by Warren Ellis



In this re-launch of the ever popular yet underappreciated “Iron Man” series, Tony Stark is called upon by an old girlfriend to help her with a dilemma. It seems that said girlfriend has been part of a team that is developing a new improved super-soldier serum known as “Extremis.” Somewhere along the way a group of “domestic terrorists” get their hands on this serum and test it on one of their own. Eventually it is learned that this new enemy is headed towards Washington and it is up to Iron Stark to stop him.

“So what does he do besides beating up Fin Fang Foom?” –Sal

Film Status:

Unlike most comic book movies, Iron Man has not a bunch of time spent time bounced around from studio to studio. Originally Nick Cassavetes (Blow) was linked to the project but it seems, officially, that the one and only Jon Favreau is now at the helm. Make what you will of this, but this could be good news considering Favreau’s critical success with “Elf” and “Made.”

Additionally, there has been some banter that Oded Fehr (“The Mummy”) could play Tony Man but Favreau has said that he plans on using a newcomer for the role.

Oh yeah, the film is scheduled for release in 2008.


Awrighty. I really like this book. I mean, there are lots of books a person reads and enjoys but eventually are forgotten. Not this one. This will go in my stash right next to “Preacher” and “Man Without Fear”.

Ellis manages to weave a top notch adventure story with just enough science to make this story seem almost plausible. During one point in the story Maya, Iron Stark’s ex-fling, explains just what “Extremis” is and we’re given just enough “theory” to think this stuff might just work.

““The normal human blueprint is being replaced with the Extremis blueprint.” –Maya Hansen

What really gets the story hoppin’ is the continual hints that the Iron Man costume might just need the Jesse James-Monster Garage treatment. Tony Man is defeated badly during a fight with Madden (the slightly unstable terrorist who is very pissed at the world) and he realizes that he will need more than a suit of armour to defeat this new enemy. What really gets the geek hormones going is when Tony reveals he has used Extremis to help him accomplish the overhaul. That’s all I’m gonna tell ya cuz it’s just too darn cool. Thanks Mr. Ellis, thank you very much.

Now then, let’s discuss subplots. If you’re going to retell an origin of a classic character, you better do it right. In this updated story, Tony Stark is captured along with Ho Yinsen “a medical inventor” by the Taliban and they are politely asked (yeah right) to develop a weapon that can be used against American soldiers. The rebellious Yinsen/Stark team manages to develop a costume that looks surprisingly like a costume first seen in 1968…

What about the artwork, you say? This surprised me the most. Like many “old school” geeks I am always sceptical when I hear about computer artwork. Yeah, I know that most comics use computer coloring but Adi Granov does a bit more than that. Granov has a technique in which he renders a drawing completely out of pencil then completes the artwork, including coloring on a computer. In some instances it can be a bit muddy but for the most part this technique looks real good. I especially give kudos to the action sequences and facial expressions.


Quite honestly, reading Iron Man:Extremis feels like watching a movie. The writing is above par and Granov’s art is almost photo realistic at times. Regardless, Iron Man: Extremis, will not be used as a basis for the upcoming movie. Jon Favreau has stated that he intends to use a completely new enemy, story and origin for his version of Iron Man. Nevertheless, Favreau being the talented guy he is may just give us a new story that is as entertaining as “Iron Man: Extremis”.


It's easy to like comics as high quality as “Iron Man: Extremis.” The story is straightforward but not necessarily simplistic and the artwork is clean and realistic. If I had to choose a story to be adapted to an Iron Man movie, this would be it. That said, this is one of those rare books that could be spoiled if a movie were made that did not match its quality.





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