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A bunch of new stuff was added to our DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES section this week including no-brainers like BASIC INSTINCT 2: THE *UNRATED* version...who knew?!? Even with Stone sitting in the pre-spread-eagle pose on the cover, something tells me that we ain't gonna see much of her in movies anymore. As for ROAD HOUSE 2, well, you just gotta laugh. My favorite sequel STD (Straight-To-Dvd-- a perfect abbreviation, no?) of the week has to be I'LL ALWAYS REMEMBER WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER though, which apparently will be followed by I ACTUALLY FORGOT WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER, BUT I'M GONNA F*CK YOU GUYS UP ANYWAY. Can't wait for that one.

Then again, slap some tits and gore in there, and I'm likely to rent that shit on a lazy Sunday afternoon (after I call Parnell). Oh yeah, and yet another one of those massive "bombs" that I seem to enjoy is also being re-released in HUDSON HAWK. I don't know what it is, but I remember enjoying that crap. And I wasn't even drinking in those days. Go figure...

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