Your own DVD track?

I'm sure you've heard (or perhaps even participated in) the growing trend of recording your own commentaries to movies on DVD. I personally never quite understood this as most commentaries from people who have some actual insight as to what you're watching are pretty boring. I'm not sure what Larry from Des Moines can add to that copy of THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW other than "man Emmy Rossum looks good in a wet t-shirt" (and really, who didn't already know that?). But for those who are into recording their own commentary tracks the process has just gotten a crapload easier. Courtesy of a new computer-based DVD player called Sharecrow, users can record their audio commentary and sync it up with the movie, export it and share it with all their buds. Now the whole world can know your thoughts on why CRITTERS is so much better of an 80s-demonic-mini-creatures movie than GHOULIES! The best part about Sharecrow? It doesn't cost you a damn dime. Head over to sharecrow.net to check it out.

Source: JoBlo.com



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