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Spielberg hones Craft?


UPDATE: There has been some confusion as to the actual source of this story. Variety did not run it and the original source has yet to be confirmed. The matter is being looked into at the moment but, for now, please take the story as an unlikely rumor at best.

UPDATE #2: We've received word from SpielbergFilms.com (who received word from Spielberg's offices) that this rumor has been confirmed to be untrue. Thanks to that site's editor, Steven Awalt, for the heads up. The WORLD OF WARCRAFT project is still in development, just without the involvement of Steven Spielberg. To read more about it, head HERE.

Steven Spielberg

Hot on the heels of the anouncement of a Kip Thorne-inspired sci-fi project, Steven Spielberg is now being set to direct WORLD OF WARCRAFT, the adaptation of the popular computer game. This seems rather odd because, not only is it a bit much for Spielberg to have what is now four projects slated for the next few years, a video game adaptation (which, as a genre, have yet to claim any kind of mainstream prestige) does not seem like the type of movie for a director of his status to even consider, let alone pile on top of other stuff he has in the works. The movie is expected to hit sometime around 2009 but I guess we'll see how this one pans out. Meanwhile, Spielberg has the aforementioned sci-fi movie, his Abraham Lincoln project and, of course, INDIANA JONES 4.



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