LOTR does DVD...again

Hot on the heels of nothing in particular, a new Lord of the Rings DVD set has been announced, via DVDActive. Ah, it seems like only yesterday that I was petting my grandmother's head saying, "my precious." Actually, it wasn't yesterday. It was twelve-to-eighteen months ago. Each new, "Limited Edition" two disc set for The Fellowship, The Two Towers and Return of the King will have both the theatrical and extended versions as well as never before seen documentaries by Costas Botes (director and friend of Peter "Tweeter" Jackson). The documentaries contain over 300 minutes of never before seen footage. Sweet, that's like......you know.....a, uh, long f*cking time. The docs show the "complexities and circumstances that affected the making of the movie." Killer.

What say you, people of the world who are just waking up next to their side-action and worrying about going home to their girlfriend/boyfriend, of this news? Check out some artwork by clicking on Gollums eyeball (no the other one) and strike back with your thoughts.


Source: DVDActive



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