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DreamWorks 2003 Kit


In addition to the Warner Bros, Universal and Sony/Columbia 2003 previews we’ve brought you so far, we now have a look at what DreamWorks has in store for us this coming year. It’s a diverse slate so let’s see what’s in store.


Release date: January 31, 2003
Cast: Laurence Fishburne, Kid Rock, Lisa Bonet, Derek Luke


Release Date: February 21, 2003

Plot: OLD SCHOOL is a raucous comedy about a trio of thirtysomething buddies who try to recapture the outrageous, irrepressible fun of their college years by starting their own off-campus frat house.

Director: Todd Phillips

Cast: Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell, Craig Kilborn, Ellen Pompeo


Release Date: March 28, 2003

Plot: 2003 is truly an odd election year when Chris Rock sets his sights on the highest office in the land in the comedy HEAD OF STATE. Mays Gilliam (Chris Rock) is a Washington D.C. neighborhood alderman, who’s about to be red-lined out of his job. But after the untimely death of the party frontrunner, Gilliam is plucked from obscurity and thrust into the limelight as his party’s nominee—for President of the United States. The film also stars Bernie Mac ("The Bernie Mac Show") as Mays’ older brother Mitch, who becomes his running mate.

Director: Chris Rock

Cast: Chris Rock, Bernie Mac


Release Date: June 27, 2003

Plot: Brad Pitt, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michelle Pfeiffer and Joseph Fiennes lend their voices to the animated adventure SINBAD: LEGEND OF THE SEVEN SEAS. Pitt is the voice of Sinbad, the most daring and notorious rogue ever to sail the seven seas. Zeta-Jones voices the beautiful Marina, who joins Sinbad on his greatest adventure. Together, they must battle Eris (Michelle Pfeiffer), the powerful goddess of Chaos, to save the fabled Book of Peace and the life of Sinbad’s best friend—and most dangerous rival—Proteus (Joseph Fiennes).

Cast: Voices of Brad Pitt, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michelle Pfeiffer and Joseph Fiennes


Release Date: September, 2003

Plot: Woody Allen writes, directs and stars in his latest contemporary comedy.

Director: Woody Allen

Cast: Jason Biggs, Christina Ricci, Jimmy Fallon, Stockhard Channing, Danny DeVito


Release Date: Fall/Holiday 2003

Plot: Massoud Amir Behrani (Sir Ben Kingsley) is living a lie to fulfill a dream. Once a member of the Shah of Iran’s elite inner circle, he has brought his family to America to build a new life. Despite a pretense of continued affluence, he is barely making ends meet until he sees his opportunity in the auction of a house being sold for back taxes. It is a terrible mistake. Through a bureaucratic snafu, the house had been improperly seized from its rightful owner, Kathy Lazaro (Jennifer Connelly). The loss of her home tears away Kathy’s last hope of a stable life—a life that had been nearly destroyed by addiction—and Kathy decides to fight to recover her home…at any cost. HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG exposes the unsettling truth that it is sometimes our hopes and not our hatreds that drive us to ruin, in a devastating exploration of the American Dream gone terribly awry.

Cast: Ben Kingsley, Jennifer Connelly


Release Date: TBD 2003

Plot: Tim (Ben Stiller) and Nick (Jack Black) are best friends, neighbors and co-workers, whose equal footing is suddenly tripped up when one of Nick’s harebrained get-rich-quick schemes actually succeeds: Vapoorizer, a spray that literally makes dog poop, or any other kind for that matter, evaporate into thin air—to where exactly is anyone’s guess. Tim, who had poo-pooed Nick’s idea and passed on an opportunity to get in on the deal, can only watch as Nick’s fortune—and Tim’s own envy—grow to equally outrageous proportions. The flames of jealousy are fanned by an oddball drifter (Christopher Walken) who takes it upon himself to help fix Tim’s situation, but only causes Tim’s life to careen more wildly out of control…and Nick’s with it.

Director: Barry Levinson

Cast: Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Christopher Walken, Rachel Weisz, Amy Poehler

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