12 new Book of Eli clips!

THE BOOK OF ELI hits theaters this Friday and I have to admit that I'm strangely looking forward to it. I think the reason for this being that I'm really excited to see Gary Oldman playing a creepy villain again. I realize his personal choice for wanting to ease off those kinds of roles (John Malkovich made a similar business decision) but he does it so well.

The first press screenings were this past weekend and I'm hearing mostly positive things about the flick with a lot of people saying they were surprised at how entertaining it was (flawed, but entertaining nonetheless). To help you decide if ELI is something you're digging, we have a whopping 12 new clips from the film in JoBlo Video! I've included a little sample below and then you can click here to check out the rest!.

Extra Tidbit: I'm so excited I've got my ELI earrings in! Oh wait, those are my Eli Manning earrings...
Source: JoBlo.com



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