DVDs thru download


It has recently been decided amongst industry insiders that Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos, the CEOs of Apple and Amazon, respectively, have been quietly negotiating with studios to make movie downloads the next frontier in distribution by starting up their own MovieLink-type practices. There is some interest on the part of the studios but a number of things are holding them back, namely that they're so invested in retailers like Wal-Mart, not to mention the deeply ingrained release paradigm of theater-to-DVD-to-PayPerView-to-premium cable, that they can't afford to ditch them. It would take some major convincing that selling movie downloads à la iTunes' TV shows and music would be profitable in order to really get things moving in this direction. You can read the full article on this business at Hollywood Reporter).

Funnily enough, according to CNet News (via Filmstalker), MovieLink, the company that the Hollywood Reporter uses as an example of the movie download sites they say may only be tentative for the reasons detailed above, is taking its service a step further by preparing to sell movies in a DRM protected format that would allow the downloaded films to be burned onto DVD. Although MovieLink plans to do this through a company called Sonic Solution that they've recently purchased, studios have yet to officially sign off on participating in the new form of distribution. Should this go through, though, it would prove correct the insiders that predicted Hollywood, as per usual, would follow suit of the porn industry after Vivid Entertainment announced earlier this year that it would sell downloadable, DVD-convertable versions of its own skin flicks over the internet. So, Schmoe, what do you think of all this? Strike back below.



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