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I decided to have a "go" at the GOLDEN GLOBES pictures this year, so please don't write me any emails about being "mean" or "rude" because it's all in good fun. Besides, I know I'm a schmuck anyway...so it's all good. CLICK HERE to check out all the winners & losers. Here ya go!

Colin Farrell: he smokes, he drinks, he shits, he swears on live TV and he's quickly becoming the latest movie star through which I will vicariously pretend to have a kickass life. Cheers mate!

This chick is still in show business? Heather Graham at the hand of...well, yet another guy who's going to dump her in three months after he realizes that she's a boob.

Yeah, yeah, you're excited and all, but guess what...there's an actual show going on, asshole...get off the stage already!!

"I wish I was a red dress, I wish I was a red dress!!" * klick heels*

You see, boys and girls...with enough hard work and dedication, even the biggest nerds among us could show up at an awards ceremony with a hot babe on our arm (well, as long as you have wealth, power and a monster TV show, that is)

Who's the fat guy? Drop the Big Macs out of your diet, dude.

Halle Berry looking ravishing as usual. Eric Benet, looking like a dead bolt next to her, as usual. Drop the zero and get with the hero, girl!!

Lara Flynn Boyle. 'Nuff said.

The name is Brody. Adrien Brody.

I'm doing research for my next role as a "whore".

Actually, the part calls for a "coked up whore". Yeah, yeah...that's it. (btw, is that Stephen Baldwin next to her? Never a good sign!)

I used to be a cool guy/actor. Nowadays, I'm an old guy still trying to look cool, but looking more like a goof. Drop the shades, bro...it's played out!

Yeah, I'm going to take the "easy joke" on this one and say....Catherine Zeta-Jones was joined by her father at the Golden Globes...oops, I mean...husband. Bugh.

This man got robbed tonight!

And I thought I was short! That's right, folks...that's actor Andy Garcia and his gigantic daughter!

Lose the make-up, honey. You're a cute chick with a gorgeous husband but you gotta drop the black eye-liner and the rouge. You look like a fool.

Not sure what was up this guy's ass tonight, but he seemed "off". Seemed like he had something else on his mind. Nothing funny there, just an observation.

Gene Hackman = one class act

"I now pronounce you man and wife". Call me!!

Is it me or is Matthew McConaughey's head way too big for his body? Hmmmmmm, then again, maybe I should drop the bongos and relax.

Once again, the classiest and best-looking girl at this year's awards ceremonies was.....none other than Access Hollywood's own Nancy O'Dell-icious!

Yipes! The horror...the horror....

And the winner for the worst tan of the night is....Uma Thurman!

Aaaaaaww, I give up....!

"I can't believe that JoBlo wants to marry me...I hope he calls tonight, I hope he calls tonight..."


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