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Wow, talk about unexpected news! Today comes the most exciting development in BATMAN movie news since it was announced Darren Aronofsky and Frank Miller would be doing BATMAN: YEAR ONE. Warner Bros has made a deal with writer/director Christopher Nolan (MEMENTO) to direct the next BATMAN film! I couldn't be happier with this decision and I really think this is something Warners should not dick around with like the million other BATMAN incarnations that are stuck in development hell. Nolan wouldn't say whether or not he would write the film but a new BATMAN script subtitled THE FRIGHTENING has been making the rounds in Hollywood. That story follows The Scarecrow and his use of a special "fear gas" that drives Gotham (awful pun alert!) batty. It was suggested in the Variety article that Guy Pearce could star as Bruce Wayne/Batman but no deal has been struck.

I personally felt Pearce would've made a great Matt Murdock because of his resemblance to the comic book character but he never seemed to be a strong candidate. Fox wanted a BIG name like Affleck to put on the marquee and I can only hope WB doesn't follow that same line of thinking. Guy Pearce would make a great Bruce Wayne/Batman and I really hope Nolan pushes for his old MEMENTO buddy.

Nolan recently submitted his script for his UNTITLED HOWARD HUGHES PROJECT (also to Warners) that has Jim Carrey attached to star. But with Martin Scorsese's THE AVIATOR supposedly beginning filming in the next few months, that project may be in jeopardy and BATMAN could be Nolan's next. Neither Nolan nor Warners would confirm BATMAN as the director's next project. But one can only hope. Christopher Nolan is one of the few directors out there who I truly believe can create a BATMAN movie so amazing we'll all finally forget about BATMAN AND ROBIN. Keep your fingers crossed and pray for the best. (p.s. - kudos to the WB for a smart, smart choice in directors.)

Source: Variety
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