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C'mon Hollywood #102


... Jim Carrey is still funny…kind of.
by Sturdy

When In Living Color was in its prime, I was one of the guys that walked around doing a Fire Marshall Bill impersonation. Sure, I knew no one found it funny but me, but I did it anyway. And seriously, who didn’t talk out their ass after ACE VENTURA came out? Yes, classic comedic performances such as that are a thing of the past for Jim Carrey. But at his heyday, Jim Carrey had no equal in the comedy world. But that was a long time ago.

Something happened along the way and Mr. Carrey abandoned talking out his ass for more “serious” roles. It started with the TRUMAN SHOW and ever since then, he’s slowly kicked out the comedy style that made him famous. I’m not complaining about his serious ventures, because with the exception of the MAJESTIC, I’ve been very pleased with all of his performances. However, when I watch DUMB AND DUMBER, I miss the old Jim Carrey. His comedies today just don’t have the same side splitting humor that they started off with.

Comedy Gold!…In 1994.

But do we really want the old Jim Carrey back? I, for one, definitely don’t want another Ace Ventura film. They had their place and their time, but Jim Carrey has come too far as an actor to pull that role off again (assuming you feel he ever did). But his earlier films showcased Jim being Jim. He was basically given an idea or two and then the rest was him being funny. That’s the Jim Carrey I miss.

What I really want is for Jim Carrey to develop his own comedy project using his impeccable comedic timing that he displays in interviews and during award shows. In fact, even when he was making comedies exclusively, he was at his funniest when he was accepting MTV awards. Watching him a while ago back on the MTV stage reminded me that he’s an extremely funny guy with a great sense of humor. The guy is better than his FUN WITH DICK AND JANE performance would have you believe and I strongly feel that with his own touch on a film, he could be hilarious again. I’m tired of seeing him do these comedies that he clearly looks out of place in. He needs the chance to develop his own idea and then make it work.

Just don’t let the comedies interfere with great dramas like this!

There’s a happy medium for Jim Carrey between dramatic roles and hilarious comedy. But he’s got to take more of a hands-on approach to finding the comedic roles. It’s time for him to take a chance and create a project for himself. He’s got the talent and humor to pull it off, he just needs the motivation to get started. Hopefully, he won’t wait for another comedic box office disappointment to come to this realization. It doesn't look like a good comedy is in his future. Next up he has a thriller with Joel Schumacher, and after that he has a romantic comedy with Cameron Diaz, but it looks like he's taking his future into his own hands despite his recent agent troubles.

So come on Jim, do another comedy that you can just be yourself in. That’s when you’re at your funniest. I’d bet you can out-wit and out-write most comedy writers out there. I refuse to accept that the comedy you displayed in your early TV and movie roles is gone. I know you’re rich and famous and “serious” now, but take a chance and do another quality comedy for those of us that have been fans since the beginning.

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