New Dogs DVD

Normally double-dipping (the practice of re-releasing movies on DVD to make more money) is something we're vehemently against here at JoBlo.com. But I'll make an exception for the upcoming RESERVOIR DOGS "15th Anniversary Edition." It sounds like a stupid thing to do - who celebrates a 15-year anniversary? - and nothing more than a promotion for the upcoming video game, but based on the packaging alone, if you're a fan, you gotta pick this up. Heck, I already own two copies of RESERVOIR DOGS on DVD and I'm still gonna have to get this. Sadly a lot of the content will be the same as the 10th anniversary edition. The deleted scenes, audio commentary, cast/crew interviews, "Class of '92" retrospective, location scouting featurette, K-Billy interactive radio, style guide and more are just being copied over. This DVD does feature some new items like a "Pulp Factoids" Viewer, "Playing It Fast and Loose" documentary, The Reservoir Dogs Tipping Guide, "Profiling the Reservoir Dogs" featurette and an interview with Eidos Senior Marketing Manager Kevin Gill on the upcoming Video Game. It's only costing $19.99 so for Tarantino fans and collectors, it might be worth picking up. For the average fan, though, you might want to save your money when this hits the shelves.

Source: Lionsgate



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