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Review: Employee of the Month



Review Date: Oct. 2, 2006
Director: Greg Coolidge
Writer: D. Calame, C. Conroy
Actors: Dane Cook
Jessica Simpson
Dax Shepard
Genre: Comedy

The story takes place at a Super Club, kind of like a Costco or Price Club depending where you are from. Two employees, a slacker “box boy” and an ambitious cashier learn that a hot new cashier is joining the team. The catch is, or so they believe, is that she only dates men with the "Employee of the Month" title. The two men battle it out in a test of outstanding work ethic in the Super club environment in hopes of winning the title and the girl. A lot of packing, bar code scanning and box throwing ensue.

If John Corbett and Ryan Reynolds had a love child, it would be Dane Cook. In the story, he plays the easy-going slacker that everyone likes. He wasn’t bad, but certainly not outstanding. Most of his dialogue wasn’t funny and his one liners weren’t strong enough to hold the scene. Maybe his material translates better in stand-up? Dax Shepard plays the ambitious cashier, now here’s a funny guy; he stole most of the scenes with his side-kick played by Efren Ramirez. Shepard went "all out" with his character and it worked. He played the perfect over-achieving assshole! Jessica Simpson plays the object of the two men’s affections. Hate to say this but poor Jessica couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag if it was open on both ends! However, she does look really, really ridiculously hot on screen. I’d also like to thank the wardrobe team for making her wear those really low tops! CRACKBOOM!

The romantic sequences, if you could even call them that, were a little charming, but you couldn’t really feel the connection between Cook and Simpson’s characters, it felt out of place. The secondary characters, Cook’s buddies, were three misfits who would never be buddies in the real world, it just wasn’t believable. However, Andy Dick’s character was pretty funny playing the near blind Optician. The real scary part of the movie was the upper management of the store with their “Go Team Go” attitude and always be positive. It’s scary, as the filmmakers aren’t really poking fun at these people, their imitating them to a tee and I’m sure we can all relate to the uncomfortable ness of being around people like that. During those scenes, I was tucking in my lips with my eyes wide open and slightly tilting my head back in discomfort. AWKWARD, as it just wasn’t funny.

There were a few chuckles here and there, but nothing really “laugh out loud”. The director and writers were putting too much confidence in the dialogue to carry the humor, where perhaps they could have introduced some more situational comedy to compliment it.

I was really looking forward to this movie and it looked like it had a good premise and the right elements for a great comedy. I was going to give the movie a three on ten but then decided to give a bonus two points (one for each of Jessica’s boobs). Just to give you an idea of the kind of humor in the movie, they actually used a fart joke...TWICE! Need I say more? All in all, it just wasn’t that funny.

-- by Tim Goernert (who am I?)

Source: JoBlo.com



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