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C'mon Hollywood #104


... Robert Downey Jr. = Iron Man!
by Sturdy

When I first heard the news that Robert Downey Jr. had been chosen as Iron Man , I thought it was a joke. Kind of like on April Fool's Day when JoBlo wrote that Kate Beckinsale was Wonder Woman. I thought that RDJ as Iron Man was a story so unbelievable that even WENN wouldn't post it. But after I checked the source and the calendar it turns out that this wasn't a believable joke, but rather an unbelievable fact. It took a while for the news to set in, but when it did, I realized that I'm actually all for it. Who better to play a comic book icon than a bug-eyed actor with a cocaine problem? Ok, I'm kidding, but I do think he'll be good.

When I go down the list of comic book movies, I always try to pinpoint why certain movies are modern day classics and others are severe disappointments. One of the key factors is that the most successful films feature some spirited performances by the title characters. X-MEN, SPIDER-MAN and BATMAN are arguably the best of the modern day superhero movies and what they all have in common are great leading actors in Hugh Jackman, Tobey Maguire and Michael Keaton (yes, Christian Bale was good too) respectively. None of which had really proven themselves in the action genre before, but they all managed to bring a level of talent that isn't common in the comic book world. Of course, it takes more than acting talent to play a superhero, otherwise William H. Macy would be Spider-man, and I think that's where Robert Downey Jr. comes in. He's got the talent to play just about any role, but he also has the charm and charisma a leading actor needs to be a good superhero. He's just a likeable guy, which is one of the reasons his career has managed to survive all his personal failures.

He made a decent show great for one season.

I went down his filmography to try to find some instances that I could site for proof that he will be a good superhero. Admittedly, it was difficult. He normally does play the fast talking wise guy, or the fast talking bad guy, or the fast talking criminal, or the fast talking drug addict. CHAPLIN was of course is best regular talking performance, but he's been great in just about everything. For you Ally McBeal fans, who can forget his season stealing performance that eventually earned him a Golden Globe? I guess the challenge for RDJ is going to be to find a way to keep the charm and charisma alive without the wise cracks or fast talking. Personally, I strongly feel that he makes every film he's in better. Iron Man is a perfect opportunity for him to prove to the world (and JoBlo) that he's more than a fast talking charmer.

Letís hope they stick to the original plan of NOT using CGI.

I have to admit that I was a little nervous about this project once I found out Jon Favreau was the director. He has a knack for great dialogue, but I'm nervous about him doing a superhero film. And I don't remember anything about him being a big fan of Iron Man, so I'm curious to see how faithful he's going to be the the mythology. I'm not saying he can't do it, but let's just say he hasn't fully convinced me...yet. The good news is that he has a talented and experienced leading man to pull it off. Now all he needs is a kick-ass script.

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