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Review: Nightmare before Christmas in 3-D

Nightmare before Christmas in 3-D
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Review Date: Oct. 21, 2006
Director: Henry Selick
Writer: T. Burton, M. McDowell
Actors: Danny Elfman
Chris Sarandon
Catherine O'Hara
Genre: Animated, Musical

Set in the town of Halloween. Jack Skellington is our Pumkin King. (Hey, that kinda rhymes, maybe I should do the whole review in a song...yeah right!) Anyways, Jack Skellington is quickly getting bored of the festivities orchestrated every year on Halloween day. He stumbles into another land called Christmas Town and wants to adopt there ways of celebration into his community. When that doesn't work out the way he has planned, he then decides to take on the lead role in Christmas Town as a semi-career change. An original take on Christmas joy ensues in all new 3D experience...kinda sorta

First off, I saw the original when it first came out back in '93 and thought it was amazing! Tim Burton really lives in a"special" place. I've always enjoyed his films and find his dark imagination alway refreshing. As a result of his creativity, he has made THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, the classic that it is now. All the characters were uniquely designed and the actors who voiced them were excellent. The guy with the clever in his head always cracks me up, "Bunny!" The sets were perfectly imagined to convey the real essence of a Halloween town. The whole concept of the story of marrying the two holiday seasons was brilliant. The originality of the songs were fun and a little disturbing if you really listened closely, but thats what made it even better. I never really thought of this movie as a kids film, more for teenagers or young adults. When I first saw the film, I was in my early twenties. And I know for a fact that this movie would have scared the crap outta me as a kid, 'cause I was real chicken shit back then. Who knows, maybe the young kids these days have tougher skins?

Now, with all their might and wisdom, the marketing people in Hollywood, thought with this new technology, they could re-release this film in 3D. Sounds like a novel idea to me! Except, it didn't really feel like 3D, it looked more like I was looking through a view-finder the whole time. Before the movie started, they showed a new clip of a Jack 'O Lantern in a box. Now this was cool, when the thing popped out of the box and into your face, you just wanted to reach out and touch it! And I was thinking, if the whole film is like this, its going to be wicked! But it wasn't, they gooched us, it was just a little bit 3D, if that makes any sense. The clip at the beginning seemed a little misleading and created an expectation for the rest of the film. I think if the movie was orginally created for 3D, it would have certainly enhanced it that much more. The way it is now, it doesn't really take anything away from it but it certainly doesn't add anything major either. On a side note, I don't know why everytime I watch a 3D movie, I gotta flip the glasses, just in case something different is going to happen. Nothing...it's always blurry dammit!

I guess depending on the success of the re-release of this film with the new technology, they'll probably start re-releasing other animated classics with this pseudo 3D. Don't get me wrong , I think they should make more animated movies in 3D, but with "real" 3D. The movie is hands down a 9/10, but the 3D gets only a 6. Sorry guys, I really wanted it to work, too!.

-- by Tim Goernert

Source: JoBlo.com



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