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Elektra lives! It's true!


UPDATE - Just an FYI...checked in with Fox and they claim this is NOT an official shot. I've also heard through one or two folks this pic popped up late last week and might be "old news." Sorry for being a few days behind but remember today's my first day back after about a week off. So excuse me if I seem a bit "out of the loop" for the next day or so as I catch up. If I missed this picture it's first time around, did I miss the eventual resolution? If it's fake, who created it? The shot itself, of Affleck holding the necklace, doesn't look familiar so it must've initially come from the studio...

So I'm sure by now you've all heard about the planned ELEKTRA sequel to DAREDEVIL which pretty much confirms that Ms. Natchios didn't meet her demise at the end of the film. There were hints in the movie but nothing quite this concrete to prove Elektra was still doing cartwheels through Hell's Kitchen. But my buddy over at Movie Poop Shoot Chris Ryall sent along this shot below which is damn interesting. This is a shot from a scene that doesn't appear in the film, or if it does, it's from a different angle. Take a look and see if you notice:

See that? Up in the back corner? Here take a closer look:

That shadowy figure looks awful familiar... How the writers plan to explain Elektra's resurrection in her spinoff remains to be seen.

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