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Diesel talks Pitch Black sequels


Now this is starting to sound pretty damn cool! As many of you know, I've been a pretty big fan of the Diesel-meister since his days in BOILER ROOM and PITCH BLACK, and yes, even though his profile might definitely have surpassed even my expectations over the past year or so, it's nice to see that he's going "back to this roots" to a certain extent, and remaining heavily involved in a pretty damn cool sci-fi series idea: THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK. I loved his badass character in the original PITCH BLACK, and now comes word that not only would that film be the "stepping stone" for three sequels, but that starting next month in Vancouver, director David Twohy, along with Diesel, Judi Dench and Ja Rule, might possibly be shooting all three films at the same time, a la another "little" franchise called THE LORD OF THE RINGS. According to MTV's interview with the pumped-up NY native, PITCH BLACK would serve the same role as THE HOBBIT did for the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy.

"I don't know if it's gonna necessarily be a 'Lord of the Rings'[-type shoot], but I do know that they've talked about doing the first one and 'chapters' of both the second one and third one [at the same time], if that makes any sense. So they'll shoot some additional scenes."

You can read more about this project, along with the interview with Vin Diesel, right here. The 1st installment of this possible trilogy is tentatively slated to hit theaters at the end of 2004.

Source: MTV.com
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