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Everyone is finally back from the holidays and so is our DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES section, which has now been padded with the first 3-4 months of 2007 DVDs including such crap as THE BEGINNING of the DUKES OF HAZZARD movie going straight-to-DVD and featuring a really hot chick on its covers, showcasing her boobies and ass-ets (if you squint, you might be able to see the actual Duke boys in the background as well). You also gotta love the quote used on the cover of the Billy Bob Thornton/Jon Heder comedy SCHOOL FOR SCOUNDRELS, "Bad Santa meets Napoleon Dynamite!" Wow, how did this guy come up with that one? That's like, so deep, man...

And even though I'm not a fan of those lame Special Edition subtitles, I gotta admit that the one for the new edition of REVENGE OF THE NERDS is a classic: The "We've got bush" Edition. Nice! Now if only I can say that about my own life. And oh yeah, before I forget, the actress box-set that everyone on JoBlo.com has been waiting for has finally arrived. No, it's not the Salma Hayek Collection, nor the Monica Bellucci Collection, but rather, the British babe herself: the Judi Dench Collection!! I can't wait to strip down to my undies, get some nachos going and watch that shit back-to-back-to-back, kinda like I did the INDIANA JONES, STAR WARS and MATRIX trilogies. It ranks right up there. F*ck me.

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