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A number of holiday releases are already seeing their way to our DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES section, including BABEL, BORAT and those HAPPY HAPPY penguins! With every new month, comes a new Steven Seagal picture, and this month it's the 3-word titled FLIGHT OF FURY (not to be mistaken with TODAY YOU DIE, MERCENARY FOR JUSTICE, OUT OF REACH, INTO THE SUN or a number of other pieces of shits he's laid since 2005). Ben Affleck's straight-to-dvd flick MAN ABOUT TOWN also got its date, as did the special edition of HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS (you heard me).

For all the stoners...I mean "kids" out there, SPONGEBOB SQUAREBONG is coming out with yet another reason to light a doobie late at nights, and from what I've heard, the same can be said about Michel Gondry's THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP. And speaking of stoners, director Oliver Stone is once again attempting to make a film out of the shambles that was ALEXANDER with yet another special edition, this one called ALEXANDER REVISITED: THE FINAL CUT. If this one doesn't work, they're apparently preparing the next one called ALEXANDER: ALRIGHT, I F*CKED UP, BUT RENT "NATURAL BORN KILLERS" AND YOU'LL SEE THAT I USED TO MAKE KICKASS FLICKS, YO!

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