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Yeah, that's right, bitches, the Oscar fare are already starting to make their way into your DVD schedules, which means that our latest DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES update includes tons of cool shit, including a couple of versions of BLOOD DIAMOND and a couple of versions of VAN WILDER 2??? That's right, boys and chicks, THE RISE OF TAJ is gonna be hitting your DVD stores in a couple of months in no less than two different versions, while THE FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS was released on DVD today, with ZERO features on it. The world is gonna end soon, kids.

Speaking of VAN WILDER 2, check out its "unrated" cover below and tell me that doesn't feature a "couple of items" that were also front and center on the BEERFEST unrated DVD? Yeah, that's right, apparently big boobies sell discs...who knew!! Also, NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM is apparently the first movie to break the 100-day-to-DVD barrier, in that the difference between its theatrical and DVD release is less than 100 days. Wow. Does that mean that I can expect to watch BECAUSE I SAID SO at home in a few weeks? Please God!!! And oh yeah, check out the double-dipping SPIDER-MAN 2.1 DVD...that's right, it apparently includes "never before seen footage", so that you and I can be suckered into buying it for the umpteenth time. Eff me, dude....seriously, eff...me!!

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