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I知 sure the Wachowski brothers have been waiting a long time to be able to say that finally, THE MATRIX RELOADED is FINISHED!! According to FilmJerk.com, the second installment will have a running time of approximately two hours and 18 minutes, just two minutes longer than the first film. With work on RELOADED out of the way, it seems promoting the heck out of this film is next. With two new posters as well as the brand new trailer, which might I add is INCREDIBLE (seriously, this thing will leave you breathless and speechless), it seems waiting until May 15th is getting more and more difficult. Click here to see the new trailer; my only warning is that viewing it will only make the wait that much harder.

In addition, AintItCoolNews has some new information on RELOADED from Alan Horn, President and Chief Operating Officer of Warner Bros. He has confirmed that the end of RELOADED will no doubt be a cliff-hanger. Plus, a trailer of THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS will be shown at the END of RELOADED. Note this is at the END of the 8 minutes of credits so make sure you don't leave because you will surely regret it. Probably the coolest part was that THE MATRIX RELOADED will be released at the same time all over the world - something that has never been done before.


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