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A massive update to our DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES section includes everything from leftover Oscar fare from last year like DREAMGIRLS, to crappy movies that were released earlier this year, but tanked badly at the box-office like BECAUSE I SAID SO, to a ton of new Special Editions (read more about those HERE) like FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS (and yes, if you already bought the single disc edition that was released in February, you're f*cked and the studio seriously could care less) and your favorite TV shows from the past including THE FALL F*CKIN' GUY!

The first season of CAGNEY AND LACEY is also being released and is it me or does its cover go out of its way to showcase the two ladies as CHARLIE'S ANGELS-esque hotties, when in reality, they're probably closer to a couple of lesbos with guns (not that there's anything wrong with that...in fact, they're a lot RIGHT with that!!). As for those who can only afford to make 1 purchase a week, I'm not sure what you're gonna do on May 15th, but that's the day my top two favorite movies from 2006 are being released in PAN'S LABYRINTH and THE FOUNTAIN, as well as STOMP THE YARD and HALF PAST DEAD 2! I know, I know...decisions, decisions...

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