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You\'ve come a long way, baby!

I think it\'s sort of interesting that one of the first \"Japanimation\" series to air in the U.S. is being released on DVD today, SPEED RACER (haha!!-- only FAMILY GUY fans will get that joke) only one week after the release of the \"ultimate\" anime film, SPIRITED AWAY. \"Ultimate\" only because it was honored as the first such film to win the BEST ANIMATED FEATURE at the 2002 Oscars ceremonies.

The Shootin\' Surgeon took a look at SPEED RACER this week (for which \"Hollywood\" has been discussing a live-action version for some time now, with both Nicolas Cage and Johnny Depp interested in starring) and remarked how it was \"...also one of those cartoons you would never see on kids TV nowadays. Cars blowing up, bullets flying and crooks sticking revolvers in each other\'s neck.\" while Indiana Sev slaved over the critically acclaimed SPIRITED AWAY and noted \"What I appreciated the most was the subtlety by which the important themes were handled in this movie.\" What else do these slick dudes have to say about these recently released dvds and their extras...? See below for more!

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