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A number of items struck me while updating our massive DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES section recently, most pertinent of which was the fact that WB was finally releasing the real THE FOUNTAIN DVD cover, and hopefully admitting to us that the previous one was a joke (the one on the left below is the "old one", the one on the right below is the "new one"). And speaking of jokes, NORBIT is apparently "hysterically funny", folks, so make sure to pick that one up. Sigh. One big-time DVD that almost slipped by us (it's coming out in 2 weeks) is "Tony Scott's masterpiece" according to one Quentin Tarantino -- the film is REVENGE.

Not sure if GHOST RIDER needed 2 editions right off the top, but according to WB, both FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS and LETTERS TO IWO JIMA will be milke-- I mean, will feature a special edition of their own, while I'm still trying to get over that ass on the cover of RENO 911: MIAMI's unrated DVD. Wow! Call me! Looks like they finally decided to let Ricky loose on the world, as SILVER SPOONS: SEASON 1 also hits. Oh and is it me or is the cover of THE MESSENGERS DVD trying to look a lot like THE REAPING? Not that anyone would be able to tell those movies apart anyway. I know I can't. One stars that Oscar-winning chick, right?

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