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Passion and Tomb pics


Some new (and I think, old) pics have surfaced on the net today from a couple of films. One is a summer blockbuster hopeful starring a crazy hot babe and the other, an already highly controversial 2004 release produced by a Hollywood heavyweight. I'm talking of course, about Angelina Jolie in LARA CROFT TOMB RAIDER: THE CRADLE OF LIFE and Mel Gibson's THE PASSION.

First up, Lights Out Entertainment has updated their LCTR:TCOL gallery with 4 new pics of the babelicious Jolie in action. Check them out by clicking the pic below. TOMB RAIDER 2 hits theatres on (happy birthday to me!) July 25th.

Secondly we have some beautiful shots from THE PASSION. I know some of these are old, but I don't recall them being very good quality. James Caviezel (THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO) and Monica Bellucci star in the story of the last 12 hours before the crucifixion of Jesus Christ with dialog spoken solely in ancient tongues. Click on the image below to see the gallery.

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