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Last week didn\'t offer too many new DVD releases, so this week\'s update is a little bigger than usual. Check out the latest additions to our DVD RELEASE DATES list now, as well as many of the new covers, including the ones below in today\'s update. Some of the \"older\" titles that I am personally looking forward to slipping into my own personal collection include MILLER\'S CROSSING, SEA OF LOVE, THIS BOY\'S LIFE, MIDNIGHT RUN, SNEAKERS and LA FEMME NIKITA. The TWO TOWERS dvd was also announced this week and as per usual, I would ask anyone who knows of any biggies that are missing from our list, to please drop us a line at [email protected] with the title of the dvd in question, as well as the source of your info. And please...for the love of God, DON\'T EMAIL ME asking when this-or-that title is coming out on dvd...because I don\'t know!! Whatever we do know...we put on the site. \"Hey JoBlo...when is FREDDY VS JASON coming out on DVD?\" Grrrrrr......

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